DRAINS Face to Face Workshop

Comprehensive face-to-face workshop delivered over 2-days with pre & post webinar access to the E-Learning portal

Your Instructor

Dr. Benjamin Kus
Dr. Benjamin Kus

Ben joined Dr. Geoffrey O'Loughlin as co-presenter of the DRAINS workshops in 2013 with considerable experience in the areas of urban development, stormwater design, on-site detention and undertaking flood studies. Having worked in both the private and public sector, Ben's experience also extends to water sensitive urban design, water harvesting and filtration, and several other multidisciplinary projects.

Commencing in 2019, Ben has taken on the role of managing Watercom, providing support to customers and continuing the development of DRAINS.

Ben has completed a PhD in Engineering - Membrane Technology and Water Harvesting and is a published author with a number of journal papers.

He is a contributing author of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2019 guidelines having authored Chapter 5 ‘Stormwater Conveyance’, in Book 9 ‘Runoff in Urban Areas’.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the live webinar start?
The Live DRAINS Core Webinar will start on the scheduled date, but you can access the digital materials on completion of your registration
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the DRAINS Core Webinar Material until the conclusion of the scheduled Live DRAINS Core Webinar
How do I access the ARR 2019 E-Learning Seminar
You will receive a coupon code usually within 1 business day of registration (or after your notes have been posted) which provides free access to the ARR 2019 E-Learning Seminar. Access to the ARR 2019 E-Learning seminar lasts for the regular 7 days.
Do I have to complete the ARR 2019 E-Learning Seminar before attending the DRAINS Core Live Webinar?
Yes. The ARR 2019 Seminar material is not repeated in the Live Webinar. It is provided as an E-Learning seminar in order to reduce the time of the Live webinar to 2 days. When attending the Live Webinar you will be expected to have a reasonable understanding of applying ARR 2019 procedures in DRAINS.
Can I ask questions during the Live Webinar about ARR 2019?
Definitely. The reason for watching the whole ARR 2019 E-Learning seminar is to hopefully answer the majority of peoples questions prior to the Live Webinar. There will be opportunities in the early part of the Live Webinar to address remaining ARR 2019 questions.
What if I could not complete the ARR 2019 E-Learning Seminar within the 7-Day access period
Firstly, we recommend using your coupon code to access the ARR 2019 E-Learning seminar when you are ready to complete the 2.5 hour unit. If you have not completed the unit and your access has expired, then please contact us.